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NEWS: We changed the location

In four months, NGO "Narodna Dopomoha Ukraine" with the FortelUA craft hub has assisted 7847 people, the vast majority of whom were internally displaced persons in a difficult situation.

At the same time, we continued activities related to the organisation of events. Our goal is to create a comfortable, friendly space where everyone can find something useful.

Twenty-six psychological trainings, art therapy, and information events for adults and children - and this is only the beginning. Because we continue to help people.

So the news is:

We felt the need to find a larger space where it can be possible to continue existing and start planned areas of work much more effectively.

And we found such a place!

In the heart of Chernivtsi. More space. More opportunities.

From now on, our address is:

Chernivtsi, Holovna St, 99

We are sure that here always be warm, exciting, and cozy.

The NGO "Narodna Dopomoha Ukraine" implements the project with the support of the Austrian partner organization Volkshilfe Österreich.



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